Parliament for the Future – The Global Edition?

The UK’s Parliament is not the only one to be interested in innovation. At a recent Council of Europe symposium on eDemocracy, the Hansard Society came across African i-Parliaments.

Established by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA), the programme aims to foster transparency, accountability, democratic participation, and good governance in Africa by empowering African Parliaments through ICT. The Programme helps by building information and knowledge management capacities, creating information services, and developing Parliamentary Information Systems and collaborative tools in African Parliaments.

This struck us as an interesting project for a variety of reasons. Principally, we were interested in the comparisons that might be drawn between capacity and appetite for parliamentary innovation in African countries and the UK. There’s nothing like a compelling international example to stir the imagination.


1 Response to “Parliament for the Future – The Global Edition?”

  1. 1 Angus Whyte May 4, 2007 at 2:00 pm

    “…and a bit closer to home, eRepresentative ( is a European project using digital repository, collaboration and security technologies to support elected representatives’ committee work ‘on the move’.

    The project is developing a virtual desktop for committee members in elected assemblies to work together with support staff and advisors, researching legislative or policy proposals, tracking the committee decisions on them, forming opinions and in some cases voting remotely on them. Technology providers are HP Netherlands, Gov2U and Scytl Secure Electronic Voting.

    Napier University’s ITC Research Centre,are coordinating the project and evaluating pilots of the technology. Pilots are starting soon in the Catalonian, Dutch, Hungarian and Lithuanian Parliaments, and in Irish local authority Westmeath County Council.

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